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Pixelated cushion

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion

Having seen some wonderful examples of pixelated crochet (e.g. this beautiful blanket by the lovely Vanessa/Coco Rose Diaries) and finding this “Better Homes and Gardens” book in the attic (while looking for something else) sparked the following idea.

pixelated rose pattern - the beginning pixelated rose pattern - the beginning

What if I would make tiny, tiny squares, using a cross stitch pattern from the BH&G-book, turning this into a cushion cover?

Because I’m a visually inclined person, I drew the cross stitch pattern on a piece of graph paper and got started.

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion cover

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion coverOnce I had the “cross stitch” pattern finished in crochet, I measured how much bigger my front panel had to be made so it would fit a 40cmx40cm cushion.

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionI then had to decide what I wanted to do with the border. I knew I wanted the colors that I had already used in the pattern to come back in the border, but in a subtle way.
The block stitch seemed to be a good choice (on one of my very favorite blogs – Sandra – Cherry Heart – you can find a fantastic tutorial here – you’ll want to focus on rounds 4, 5 etc. in this tutorial).
First, however, I crocheted all around my cross stitch pattern in dc’s in white. I then started the block stitch (using yellow as my first color): first row: single crochet, three chains, single crochet etc. making sure there were 4 (white) dc’s from my previous round in between my sc’s.

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushion

Next round I dc-ed with white, crocheting 4 white dc’s in each yellow 3-chain space. I needed 6 rounds of color and white to get to the right size, after which I got to maybe the most exciting part: making the pompoms!
maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionBrowsing the internet, I found two great tutorials on how to make these: this one from “Once Upon A Pink Moon” and this one from “The Heartfelt Company”.

Both tutorials were very helpful, but once again I could not help myself and made slight changes to the patterns here, since I wanted the pompoms to be snug and close to my crochet – for this particular cushion I did not want them to dangle too much.
So, I crocheted 4 chains, made my first bobble stitch in the 3rd chain from my hook, made my second bobble, slip stitched the two together, chrocheted only 1 chain and made a single crochet stitch into the next hole (space between two clusters of 4 white dc’s).
maRRose - CCC - crocheted pompom bordermaRRose - CCC - crocheted pompom bordermaRRose - CCC - crocheted pompom border

maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionOne thing I learned the hard way (read: had to frog!): start crocheting your pompom border facing the back of your work!!! Otherwise you’ll end up with the open side of your pompoms on the front of your crochet – something I did not like at all.

I do hope the photos in this “DIY” are helpful – should you find anything amiss, please don’t hesitate to let me know!
maRRose - CCC - pixelated cushionHappy pixelating and pompomning – and as always: please do share, I’d love to see your take on this!

22 thoughts on “Pixelated cushion”

  • I just love your pillow! Im thinking of trying one of my own in blues for my daughter in law. Are your squares 3 double crochets with one or two chains? Thanks for sharing my pompoms!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely compliment, Robin! Oh, that sounds wonderful – I hope your daughter in law realizes what a lucky girl she is!
      Yes, my squares are 3 dc’s, 2 chains in the corners, jayg. Your pompoms are the best – I so love how they’ve put the cherry on the cake, so really: thánk you! xx, Marianne

  • Me gustaría saber como realiza cada “pixel” y como los une entre sí. Gracias.
    El cojín es precioso.
    Google translated:
    I would like to know how makes each “pixel” and as interconnects. Thank you.
    The cushion is beautiful.

  • Hallo marianne.
    ik heb het patroon van de florence scarf gekocht en inmiddels gehaakt. Maar ik wil ook zo graag de pom pom rand haken. Ik ben een beginnend haakster en ookal zijn de foto’s duidelijk ,kom ik er niet uit.
    zou je mij in het nederlands kunnen vertellen hoe de pom poms te haken? Hoop dat ik niet teveel vraag. Alvast dank voor je antwoord.
    Hartelijke groet petra @petradreads op instagram

      • Marianne, la copertina è meravigliosa, io vorrei sapere, x favore, il motivo ,lo schema del lavoro, grazie, spero di essermi spiegata bene . grazie!

      • Hi Dalila! My Italian is a bit rusty (read: non existent), but I think that you’re asking me for the cross stitch pattern? For that, enlarging the particular photo should do the trick. What I did is crochet a one-round granny for every stitch in the diagram, but I pretty much described that in the blog post already, so I’m afraid I’m not quite clear on what it is that you’re asking – sorry ….. You can always send me an email (, if you want further help! Marianne xx

  • Do you think this would work as a c2c? It is so beautiful, I’m think of making one in blues for my mom.

    • Hi Kelly,
      Oh, that’s a great idea! Yes, that would definitely work! Love your idea of making one in blues too – what a wonderful&sweet gift – I’m sure it will make your mom very happy! Marianne xx

  • Greetings,
    Much appreciated your efforts making it more educational, loving it.
    ????Thanks a ton with Best Wishes????

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