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Having seen some wonderful examples of pixelated crochet (e.g. this beautiful blanket by the lovely Vanessa/Coco Rose Diaries) ánd finding this “Better Homes and Gardens” book in the attic (while looking for something else) sparked the following idea some time ago.

pixelated rose pattern - the beginning                         pixelated rose pattern - the beginning

What if I would make tiny, tiny squares, using a cross stitch pattern from the BH&G-book, turning this into a cushion cover?

Because I’m a visually inclined person, I drew the cross stitch pattern on a piece of graph paper and got started.

pixelated rose pattern

Since I’m still in the “I want to get this finished”-flow from the multicolored striped blanket, I’ve been working on the pixelated project almost all day today, finally making some serious progress.

I’m not sure whether it’s going to be as pretty as I thought/hoped it would be, but there’s only one way to find out, right?
So ….. more soon!

pixelated rose cushion - maRRose CCC


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