Dolly Dotty cushion cover


The Dolly Dotty cushion is one of the projects from my book “Colorful Crochet/Eindeloos Haken”.
It has 25 granny squares. The first two rounds of the squares are colorful, and the last round of each square is crocheted with an off-white/close to beige color. The squares are joined with the so-called “flat zipper join”.

The crochet front is hand sewn to a machine sewn fabric cover.
The cushion has a so called “envelope” style closure.

The yarn I crocheted the cover with is 100% cotton, and so is the fabric used for the cover.
Its measurements are approx:  40 cm x 40 cm.
For shipping purposes the cushion’s insert is not included in the sale.

You can wash the cover safely (machine wash/gentle cycle/cold, or handwash, cold too).
Definitely do not put your cover in the dryer; lay it flat on a towel, help it back into its original shape and simply let it air dry.

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