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Punchneedle: the love continues

Punchneedle: the love continues

Ah… it’s so fun to be back in the blogging saddle! Now that I’m not only making a list of things I want to blog about, but I’m actually writing the posts again, I realize how much I’ve missed this space. There were times when I thought: might as well stick to just Instagram and Facebook (as I see many (ex)bloggers do), but, no: I love my little bloggy ‘corner’ of the internet too much.
To me a big part of the fun of creating, is the joy of sharing this with like-minded people – nothing better than you lovely people being just as excited as I am over a couple of crocheted dolls. The best times in life are had with those “who get you”, who are equally passionate about something, regardless the field (creativity, reading, food, nature, you name it).
No matter how quick and fun Instagram and Facebook are: I feel my blog is a nice addition to those two outlets.

Today I’m sharing my latest CraftKitchen-project with you: my punchneedle jeans jacket, that I’m sooo in love with! And the best news: you’ll find the pattern & tutorial right here on the blog (for Dutch, click here / for English, click here)!

I was totally unsure of how this would work out. In fact, I had so many doubts about the project, that I told the CK-team I’d wanted to trade this assignment in for something else.
But… in the end my curiosity won; I was too eager to see whether it would be doable: punching your own patch.
So… one Saturday I ‘simply’ gave it a try, and I’m so happy I did. Oh… the joy of success!
Plus being right “on trend” ;-), seeing this video come by on the Dutch news, was fun!

Another recent punch project that I’m very proud of is my “Flowers & Butterflies”-design – it was published in the latest issue (208/2018) of “Handwerken zonder Grenzen” (that you can buy here).

Part of why I’m so proud of these punch projects is that both designs are 100% maRRose originals: I drew both images by hand/from scratch. I guess this is also a reason why I love punchneedling as much as I do: it has reconnected me to another craft I loved doing when I was young: drawing and coloring.

Now that the summer vacation period is slowly coming to an end, new “Punch like a Pro”-workshops are quickly filling up, and I’m truly looking forward to teaching them again (check here to see whether I’ll be in a location near you). I’d love to see you either at one of the lovely craft stores that have already put my workshop on their calendar, or in my studio!

Have a great new & crafty week!

Marianne xx

PS: the “Designer Amigurumi”-giveaway is now closed (the lucky winner has been notified), BUT… you can still sign up for the “Granny Square Flair”-giveaway!

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2 thoughts on “Punchneedle: the love continues”

  • Wat super leuk!!! Ik heb ook weer wat ideetjes liggen om te punchen. Na je workshop wist ik niet zo goed wat ik wilde maken. Hopelijk eind volgende maand dat ik er eentje kan laten zien op mn blog… Het spijkerjasje heeft ook weer voor wat nieuwe ideetjes gezorgd! Groetjes Diana

    • Ah, wat fijn om te horen, Diana! Houd je me aub op de hoogte? Vind ik écht heel leuk! Happy punchneedling! Marianne xx

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