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Follow-up Friday – “The Candy Cushion”

Ahhh….. the happy feeling of another “ta-dah” and being able to tick one more old wip off the list! Presenting the latest triangle cushion, my “Candy Cushion”; to tell you the truth, I’m quite chuffed with how it turned out …… I used my own… continue reading

“Bétaille Blanket”

Now this is most certainly one of the happiest “ta-dah”-posts ever …… A close call too, to make it for this week’s “Follow-up Friday”: just a little over an hour ago I crocheted the very last stitch on this blanket and could start taking pictures… continue reading

Follow-up Friday

After a busy week, it’s Friday again – time for an update on my old wip’s, well in fact that should say wiP – because the Bétaille Blanket is all I worked on, again …. However, I’m very happy to report, that I gave the very… continue reading

Follow-up Friday

Yay, it’s Friday! Not the kind of “Fri-yay” where I can show you another finished wip – how I wish – but the end of a work week kind of ‘yay’! This past week I’ve continued to work real hard on my “Bétaille Blanket”, but… continue reading

“Bétaille Blanket” / “Springtime Throw”

There’s a reason why I’ve waited this long to pick up my “Bétaille Blanket” – aka “Springtime Throw” by Nicky Trench. Oh, I definitely have no problem in still seeing the beauty of this project, but really….. what was I thinking? Almost 500 tiny squares,… continue reading

Treasury Tuesday

  Working my way down the old wip-list, I’m knee-deep in granny squares, tiny granny squares……. No matter their size, I simply love these grand old crochet ladies and the many, many beautiful things you can make with them. Clearly, this week’s “Treasury Tuesday” had… continue reading