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Norwool Blanket

Crochet, geometric patterns, and a challenge….. what’s not to like? When the lovely CraftKitchen people asked us, the blogging team, whether we thought it would be possible to crochet with Norwool sock yarn as well, my creative brain started rattling instantly. I immediately knew I… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket

Follow-up Fridays that have a big “ta-dah” are great ones generally speaking, but today’s one might be the very best ever, because, you guys: the “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket is finished!! I’m so incredibly excited, happy and proud of this blanket – I’ve loved making all… read more

Follow-up Friday

Happy Friday to all of you! The past week was a mixed bag of ups and downs (just like life in general, wouldn’t you say?), but luckily the “ups” outweighed the “downs”, so all’s good. A big, rather personal, “up” was my mother turning 85… read more

Treasury Tuesday

I can’t believe a full 7 days have gone by since my last blog post! This past week didn’t even have a proper “Follow-up Friday”, and it was most certainly not because of a lack of crochet to follow-up on…… Some projects can’t be shown… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Hetti” Cushion

It’s another happy “Follow-up Friday”: last night I finished my corner-to-corner cushion in red, white and blue. So, hot off the hook&needle, here’s my “Hetti” cushion! I started it about a month ago, got side-tracked by amongst others the “Happy Bag”, and to tell you… read more

Follow-up Friday – Babyblanket “Wynter”

Hurray for “Follow-up Friday” finished projects! And especially the ones that you’re happy with, like I’m with this one. Not only am I pleased with how this blanket turned out – I’m also quite relieved that its initial pile of granny squares is no longer… read more

Follow-up Friday

This past week I’ve been putting the finishing touches on what I think is my very last “Follow-up Friday”-project. It’s hard to believe I’ve actually finished those 13 neglected, half or even less than half ready works in progress, even if it took me 6… read more

Treasury Tuesday

Weeks are zooming by, especially at this time of year, or so it seems. It makes me even more appreciative of my little moments of “zen”: the time I spend crocheting and crafting. If I experience any Christmas stress at all, it comes from trying… read more

Follow-up Friday – Carter’s Chevron Blanket

Early Friday morning here …. a grey and wet one, low on light …… I’m all comfortable though, coffee on hand, some Chopin playing via Spotify, my hairy assistant happily chewing on a bone right at my feet. My content feelings are definitely linked to… read more

Follow-up Friday – “Crochet Mood Blanket”

Well …. let’s just say there’s a first for everything ….. Soooo, how about a “Follow-up Friday”-post on a Saturday? For a pretty organised and control-freakish kind of person like me, it was a big step to accept that “no”, I was not going to… read more