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Craft Dates – book review & giveaway

Craft Dates – book review & giveaway

Yesterday I was at the festive book launch of a won-der-ful new book; as a matter of fact I’m so enthusiastic about this book, I hardly know where to begin describing this absolutely one of a kind and beautiful book! Let me start with the… read more

Round and Round The Crochet Hook

Round and Round The Crochet Hook

Another inspiring crochet book has hit the shelves, and I’ve had the privilege of receiving an advanced copy a few weeks ago. It’s Tuva‘s latest publication by very talented Emily Littlefair / The Loopy Stitch – “Round and Round The Crochet Hook”, and I can… read more

Handmade Living

Handmade Living

I’m feeling all joyful, cheery and proud writing this blog post: my dear, fun, lovely, spunky, talented and audacious friend Lisanne / Draad & Praat has fulfilled a dream she’s had ever since she was a teenager: she has made her own magazine, “Handmade Living”!… read more

Giveaway: “Haakspiratie”

Among last year’s highlights were definitely all the fabulous crochet and yarn parties that I attended, as I’m sure every creative person and yarn lover will understand. I’m happy to report 2016 saw a lot of these wonderful gatherings of like-minded people, that strangely enough… read more

“Mandalas to Crochet”

When I found Haafner’s beautiful blog for the first time, my heart skipped a beat…… I had just re-entered the world of crochet, and although I was not a very experienced crocheter at that time, I instantly knew I was looking at an extremely talented crocheter’s work…. read more

Flowers Abound

It’s hard to believe it’s only been 8 or 9 months ago that one of my favorite crochet people, the ever so talented Shelley Husband, released her very first crochet book, “More than a Granny”. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of… read more

“More than a Granny” – review and giveaway

One of the first people I started following on Instagram must have been the very talented Shelley Husband, aka “Spincushions”. She used to make marvelous – and sometimes quirky – felt pincushions (hence her name), but she now says: “Crochet is my current obsession”. This crochet… read more

“PUUR haken”

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending a much anticipated book launch. “PUUR haken” by the lovely and very talented Maaike van Koert, aka “creJJtion” (link to blog here) was officially presented to the world. The event took place in Dordrecht, at the beautiful… read more