Crochet Necklace

(for the Dutch version of this free pattern, click here)
This idea has been sitting at the back of my head for a long, long time.
When the “CraftKitcheners” and I were introduced to these fabulous little yarn-balls of Durable-happines, it was very quickly decided that this project would be one of my upcoming designs for “CraftKitchen”.
It felt so good to finally get it “out”. Seeing it turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my mind made me all sorts of happy. It’s nice when – for a change – designing a project does not involve a whole lot of frogging 😉

Adding to the joy was the fact that, yes, this is a multi purpose-project: you can turn it just as easily into a necklace, as into a cheery garland, and even decorate presents with it.

The pattern is not difficult at all, but … it does take some patience should you decide to copy my design: I crocheted with aforementioned Durable Thread and a 2,0 mm (!) hook.
However, we all know how versatile crochet is, you can just as easily make your motifs with a heavier yarn and bigger hook. Maybe not for the necklace, but a garland will look just as fun, I think.

Of course you can personalize your project any way you want, playing with colors, and how many little circles you think you want to use for your project.
To give you an idea: 4 motifs, crocheted with a 2,0 mm hook and 3 ‘connections’ in between, measure approx. 15 cm.
My necklace is 180 cm (goes around my neck twice), and I used 35 little circles.
I really love how the black makes all the wonderful and mostly bright colors pop, but I foresee lots of different color combo’s in the future – a pastel version, connected with off-white is right on top of that list.

Here’s how you can create yours (pattern in Dutch can be found here):

Things you’ll need:

“Durable Embroidery/Crochet Thread”; I used 14 colors: light-, medium- and bright pink, light- and bright blue, medium- and dark yellow, purple, sea-green, apple-green, ochre, orange, off-white and black

2.0 mm crochet hook, darning needle (with a rather sharp point), scissors

Pattern (US terms used):

Crochet 35 motifs/circles:

Round 1: in a magic circle (handy tutorial via this link) you crochet: 3 chains (counts as first double crochet) plus 15 dc (total of 16 stitches/dc); join with a slip stitch into the first dc (3rd dc of the chain-3 at the beginning). Pull the magic ring a bit closer, but do NOT close it too tight, like you would normally do.

Round 2: make the loop on you hook a bit bigger, and crochet OVER the dc you made in round 1, and – again – IN the magic circle: 16 half double crochet; join with a slip stitch in the first hdc of round 2 and fasten off. Now is the time to close the magic ring by pulling it tight, and sew in your ends.

As soon as you have finished crocheting your motifs, you connect them as follows:
with black, crochet a chain of 40 stitches; grab the first colored little motif and * crochet (with the black/connecting thread) 8 single crochet stitches on one side of the motif, crochet 10 chains, grab the next motif ** and repeat from * to ** until you’ve connected all your motifs on one side. Crochet 40 chains and fasten off.

We’re now ready to connect the motifs on the other side.
Still with the right side of your project in front of you, you attach the black/connecting yarn with a slip stitch in the last single crochet stitch you made in the last motif (before you crocheted the last 40 chains); • crochet 8 single crochet stitches, slip stitch into the first (black) single crochet stitch that you previously made in this motif, crochet 10 chains, and slip stitch in the last single crochet you previously made in the next motif ••; repeat from • to •• until you’ve also connected all motifs on this side of your project. Fasten off, and sew in all ends.
I tie my necklace around my neck with a little bow.

Happy crocheting!

Marianne xx

Follow-up Friday – “Rose Party Triangles”

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-19A few weeks ago someone in the CraftKitchen-organization got married, and of course we – the CraftKitchen blogger team – wanted to give him and his lovely wife-to-be a present, preferable a personal/handmade one.

Being the crafty people that we are, we came up with the idea of making a festive wedding garland.
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-08maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-12Since the 5 of us live in different parts of The Netherlands, the idea was that we would all crochet 4 motifs for the bunting – in the same color, off-white – and send them to Lidy, who would then make one pretty garland of the 20 little flags.

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-13And, I’m telling you: it turned out so, so nice! We were all chuffed to pieces to see the photos Lidy and Miriam took in Miriam’s luscious garden when it was ready!
Plus: it was so much fun to make something this pretty, as a team! It goes to show that you can achieve a lot in a relatively short time when you work together: I absolutely love my CraftKitchen buddies!

Should you want to give this a go yourself, I’ve tried to track down as many details on the garland’s motifs as I could:
Liza created her own granny square heart pattern (link to chart here), Lidy crocheted her flags from a crochet snowflake book, Lisanne followed her own “wallhanger” design (pattern comes as a bonus when you buy her book), and Janneke adapted her own “Lente Granny Square” (free pattern for the squares here; it’s in Dutch, but has clear step-by-step photos, so you lovely non-Dutch should be ok with it as well, you need to click on “werkbeschrijving” for the tutorial).

maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-05maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-07I did exactly the same thing as Janneke: I modified my “Rose” granny square (pattern&tutorial here) to a “Rose” triangle. I love how it turned out – whether made in off-white, or happy colors.
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-23 maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-22Upon request, I’ve written up the pattern to share with you on the blog.
Simply click here, and make your own festive garland with these “Rose Party Triangles”!
maRRose - CCC - Rose Triangle for bunting-31Happy making, and a happy weekend!
Marianne xx