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“Big Bobble Cowl” by Jacqueline

“Big Bobble Cowl” by Jacqueline

It seems as if I’ve only been going to crochet parties lately. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, or something to complain about: ‘au contraire’, it’s absolutely wonderful spending time with people that are passionate about the same things that you put your heart… read more

“Colorful Crochet”

“Colorful Crochet”

                                 (to read this blog post in Dutch, please click here) And then, what feels like “all of a sudden”, my book is almost ready, and I’m able to show… read more

Crochet Parties!

Energized and happy, is how I’m kicking off this new week. It’s grey and wet outside, but definitely not in my work space, I can assure you! Lots of wonderful yarn in delightful colors on my desk – the best way to continue this weekend’s high,… read more

Hurray for Crochet Parties!

Starting a new week isn’t half as bad, when you have memories of a great weekend to help you get through it, and when the weekend involves a fa-bu-lous crochet party, oh-la-la …..Last Saturday lovely Lisanne and Miriam made it all happen at one of… read more

“Alles is Haken” – party and book review

Gosh, I love parties, and when they’re of the crochet kind, they’re right up my alley! It seems like us crafty people are going from one crochet party to another here in The Netherlands – and I’m definitely not complaining. We just celebrated the launch… read more

Crochet Party

It’s a quiet Sunday here in the Dekkers-household, and I’m feeling a bit under the weather…..  However, absolutely nothing will get me in a foul mood today. Just thínking of yesterday’s exciting and fun-fun-fun book launch&crochet party at Echtstudio is making me smile from ear… read more

Instagram Crochet Party

Just try to picture this: a gorgeous yarn store, 25 lovely and creative ladies, at least 100 of their wonderful projects, lots of cake, drinks, made-with-love presents…… yep, there you have it: yesterday’s glorious Instagram Crochet Party at Echtstudio. Gosh, it was so much fun… read more

Lana Grossa/Knottenwol Yarn Tasting

I truly hope your weekend was as fun as mine! You might want to get a coffee/tea, because I have a feeling this is going to be a rather lengthy post with lots of yummie yarn pictures I can’t wait to share with you …….. read more