“Selden sá” and a trip down memory lane …

Oh, you guys … I had such a delightful day last Sunday! As I told you before, I was scheduled for an “Eindeloos Haken”-meet & greet in Franeker in – what I now know – is a true gem of a yarn store, “Selden sá”, in the northern parts of The Netherlands, aka Friesland.
And no, this is not pronounced as “fries” “land”, as our Canadian nephew exclaimed years ago, when he noticed the sign that said “you have now entered “Friesland”, figuring he was entering a fried potato lovers paradise … haha!
“Friesland” (freeze-land) is a beautiful Dutch province bordering the “Waddenzee”, and picturesque Franeker is about 145 kilometers north-east from where I live.

It was nice to see the sun come out on Sunday, after a dreary and all-day-rainy Saturday, and with my car almost literally filled to the brim with “Colorful Crochet”-projects, I set sail to Franeker.
I had not realized until I was well under way, that I was driving exactly the route that we as a family took many, many times, when I was a (little) girl. You see, my maternal grandparents lived in Den Oever, on one end of the famous “Afsluitdijk”, and my paternal grandfather lived on the island of Terschelling. To get to him we would have to drive to the other side of the “Afsluitdijk” to the town of Harlingen, then onto the ferry, that – after about 1 1/2 hours at sea – would finally bring us to my opa Roos.

After about 1 1/2 hours I arrived at “Selden sá”, a spacious store, right on one of Franeker’s canals, minutes from the very heart of this pretty town.
I was given a warm welcome by shopowner Nynke, and her equally lovely assistant Loesanne, and we set to work, unloading my car, putting all my projects on display.
I could not help myself taking lots of photos before the official program got started, both of my crochet – looking ever so nice in Nynke’s spacious&beautiful store – and “Selden sá’s” gorgeous yarn and inspirational projects, like this fabulous knitted brioche shawl ↓ (Nynke’s work). The afternoon flew by, and I really had a great time talking to lovely people, chit-chatting the hours away, doing a little crochet on the side, all very pleasurable!

The cute bench in front of Nynke’s shop turned out to be the best spot for some of my crochet blankets and the occasional cushion, as well as for a couple of fun photos ↑ with Nynke & Loesanne (do check out Loesanne’s gorgeous work here and here) and Ingrid (who, by the way interviewed me for the “Breiclub”-blog – soon to be published, woohoo).

As always, after having met like-minded creatives, I went home with a smile on my face, and could not help myself stopping at the “Afsluitdijk”-observation tower, and my opa&oma De Visser’s hometown of Den Oever on my way home.

A day well spent!

Marianne xx

PS: I love this fun collage of my visit that “Selden sá” posted on their facebook yesterday!

“Eindeloos Haken”-workshops and more …

(for a Dutch version of this post, please click here)

In the past I’ve been frequently asked to give workshops, and really never got around to following up on these requests.That is … till now!

With my book being published, yarn shop owners contacted me to see whether they could ‘book’ me for an “Eindeloos Haken”– meet & greet-plus-little-workshop in their stores, and so far I’ve loved doing this.
It’s absolutely wonderful meeting the delightful people who bought my book, and to learn that – they too – are pleased and enthusiastic about its projects.
I usually bring a car full of crochet – almost all the projects that I made for “Colorful Crochet” – I sign copies of my book, and – as said – teach a workshop re a special  “maRRose”-design that I bring also, and help/coach people crocheting this “Little Lenny”-granny square.
And, boy, is it fun! I’ve found out that I truly enjoy sharing the crochet tips, tricks and techniques that I know have made me a better crocheter, and make my projects look prettier with fellow crocheters.

The next “meet&greet”/”Little Lenny”-workshop is this very Sunday, when I’ll be at Nynke’s beautiful shop “Selden sá” in Franeker (13:30 – 16:00) – very much looking forward to that!

Next up is the “Knit & Knot” Fair in Tilburg, held from October 13th – 15th.
On Saturday October 14th I’ll be there all day, together with Janneke and Lisanne, as part of the “Handmade Living”-team, so please come say hello! I’m bringing a selection of the “Eindeloos Haken”-projects, and a stack of my books that you can buy right there, and that I’ll be more than happy to sign too.
In the afternoon I’ll be giving a “Little Lenny”-workshop (from 14:00 to 15:30).
There are still a few spots left, so don’t hesitate to come and join me, and bring your crochet up to the next level. More info, and signing up via this link, or you can just send me an email (marianne@marrose-ccc.com). It’ll be great fun!

To add to the “Knit & Knot”-merriment: Lisanne / Handmade Living is allowing me to GIVE AWAY TWO TICKETS for the “Knit & Knot” Fair, woohoo!
Simply leave a comment under this blog post, and make sure I have your proper email address so I can reach you in case you win.
This Dutch language giveaway is open for Dutch readers only, and will close Sunday, October 8th, 2017 (22:00 GMT+1hr). If I do not hear from the initial winner(s) within 2 days after my notification emails have been sent, (a) new winner(s) will be drawn. Good luck to everyone!

At the beginning of November it’s “KreaDoe”-time again, and of course the CraftKitchen-team will be there as well. Every day at least two of us will be at the CK-stand, crafting at our “kitchen”-table, bringing most of our recent CK-projects, looking forward to meeting you and chatting a bit about what we all love to do most!
I’m sure you’ll find the exact planning on the CraftKitchen-facebook page soon, but I know I’ll be there on Wednesday and Thursday (November 1st and 2nd).

Last but not least, I’m so pleased to tell you that very soon I’ll start giving a variety of crochet workshops from my – new – studio (or on location) as well, yeah!
With our oldest recently having moved out into a place of her own, I’m in the process of moving my old workroom into her old room. The latter is twice the size, has two big windows – so lots more light – and even though it’s still a big mess right now, I already feel what a happy, creative space this is going to be. Exciting times!

Have a great day,

Marianne xx

edit: this giveaway is now closed; a winner has been drawn&notified