Sunday Shawl

I think I have found a solution to the “Treasury Tuesday”-issue (soon more) – but in the meantime I’ve decided to start a series of proper shout-out posts here on the blog of people whose work I admire.

There are many very talented crochet designers out there, and one of my favorites is the lovely & colorful Alia of “The Little Bee“.
As you can see instantly when visiting Alia’s Etsy shop, we share a love of color: just looking at her projects listed there makes me happy, and smile from ear to ear!
I have crocheted her “Monsoon Stole” two times already, and loved doing so; the one in blue&pink lives with my mother in law, the black stole was my mom’s x-mas present last year.
Alia’s “Sunday Shawl” has been a huge hit with crocheters ever since its release, and that is not hard to understand at all. Apart from being gorgeous, the design allows you to play with color any way you want (and you know how I love to do that).
For inspiration purposes, as well as to simply feast your eyes on a lot of beautifully made “Sunday Shawls” you can check this hashtag on Instagram.
My most cherished season of all – Spring – must have subconsciously influenced me picking the mostly pastel colors I used in mine, and I couldn’t be more contented with the way it turned out. Almost all of the yarn I used is the beautiful Lang Yarns I was lucky enough to receive during a crochet party at “Knotten”.
The body of the shawl is crocheted with “Norma” (color no. 959.0030), and for the border I used “Asia” (color no. 912.0060), “Merino 130 Extrafine” (color no. 957.0027 and 957.0030), as well as Schachenmayr’s “Merino Extrafine 120” (color no. 132).
My first – and most certainly not my last – “Sunday Shawl” is comfy, cosy, and “springy”, and truly a joy to crochet: happy me!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Marianne xx

Follow-up Friday – The “Monsoon Stole”

maRRose - CCC --- Monsoon Stole-23As far as crochet and finishing old wips is concerned, I’m afraid there’s not all that much to show you this gorgeous Fall Follow-up Friday.

You may recall, however, I was lucky enough to have been treated to an “all-inclusive” 4-day trip to Cannes/France by my sweet brother and his husband (gifted as a birthday present, back in February), and I love to share some photos of that wonderful voyage with you.

maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-53maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-52Cannes is my brothers’ favorite holiday destination of all; over the years it has become their home away from home.
maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-50They know all the fun little shops, restaurants, cocktail bars, beaches, and cool grocery stores even (my goodness …. Grandfrais, I love you), and they made sure they took me to most of them.maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-51maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-17In between eating, drinking, shopping and going to the beach, I did get some crochet in too.
maRRose - CCC --- Cannes2015-12I started The Little Bee‘s “Monsoon Stole” (with leftover Alize Cotton Gold from previous projects), and am absolutely smitten with this awesome design.
maRRose - CCC --- Monsoon Stole-13 maRRose - CCC --- Monsoon Stole-11So much so, that it’s already finished, ends woven in, washed and blocked – so here’s the tadah!
maRRose - CCC --- Monsoon Stole-22maRRose - CCC --- Monsoon Stole-20It’s one of those patterns that I just know I’ll be crocheting over and over again – the different stitches are simply beautiful together and the choice of yarn will make the stole look very different every time: I have a new infatuation …..

Marianne xx