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Follow-up Friday – The “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket

Follow-up Fridays that have a big “ta-dah” are great ones generally speaking, but today’s one might be the very best ever, because, you guys: the “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket is finished!! I’m so incredibly excited, happy and proud of this blanket – I’ve loved making all… read more

Follow-up Friday

Happy Friday to all of you! The past week was a mixed bag of ups and downs (just like life in general, wouldn’t you say?), but luckily the “ups” outweighed the “downs”, so all’s good. A big, rather personal, “up” was my mother turning 85… read more

Treasury Tuesday

I can’t believe a full 7 days have gone by since my last blog post! This past week didn’t even have a proper “Follow-up Friday”, and it was most certainly not because of a lack of crochet to follow-up on…… Some projects can’t be shown… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Hetti” Cushion

It’s another happy “Follow-up Friday”: last night I finished my corner-to-corner cushion in red, white and blue. So, hot off the hook&needle, here’s my “Hetti” cushion! I started it about a month ago, got side-tracked by amongst others the “Happy Bag”, and to tell you… read more

Follow-up Friday – “The Candy Cushion”

Ahhh….. the happy feeling of another “ta-dah” and being able to tick one more old wip off the list! Presenting the latest triangle cushion, my “Candy Cushion”; to tell you the truth, I’m quite chuffed with how it turned out …… I used my own… read more

Follow-up Friday

And yet another week has flown by ….. a week filled with lots of ER/hospital visits, and not too much crochet, I’m afraid. Luckily the hospital visits led up to Carter having his big reconstructive foot surgery today (as I type this message, actually……). The… read more

The “Rustic Lace Square”

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook it’s hard not to have noticed I have a new love…….a new love for a crochet pattern that is. I first saw the particular square in Magda’s beautiful ig-feed (link here) and later on her equally beautiful blog… read more