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maRRose make-over

maRRose make-over

Woohoo! After months of on-and-off work behind the scenes, we are finally ready to show you maRRose’s new look! “We” is my fantastic web guru Frank and I (if you’re ever in need of computer support, his company – MeerWeb – is the place to… read more

A bit of this, and a bit of that ……

Do you sometimes find yourself bursting with ideas, eager to start new things, but at the same time having the feeling you’re not getting a whole lot done? Well….. I guess that’s me at the moment. I’m sure it has to do with the fact… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Julia” Shawl

Another shawl has been welcomed into the “maRRose”-crochet family! Let me present to you “Julia”, fabulously soft and squishy, in a pretty pastel color (mint), and very easy to crochet. My “Julia” inspiration came from several sources on Instagram; in fact, I shamelessly copied the… read more

Follow-up Friday – Shawls

It’s Friday, I have finished projects to show you, and that’s all we need for a new “Follow-up Friday”-post, isn’t it? Come to think of it: I have a couple of other things that I’d love to share with you too, so here goes! My… read more

Follow-up Friday – a shawl, a scarf and an ex-shawl

                         In the process of finishing up the purple Alize cushion cover, I suddenly realized I never showed you the two projects I recently made with the Lana Grossa 3Cento. Quite the omission, even more so… read more

Follow-up Friday

This past week I’ve been putting the finishing touches on what I think is my very last “Follow-up Friday”-project. It’s hard to believe I’ve actually finished those 13 neglected, half or even less than half ready works in progress, even if it took me 6… read more

Follow-up Friday – “Les Tourettes Shawl”

In the long list of wips that needed to be completed these past months (more here), this shawl played a significant part. The funny thing is, my “Les Tourettes Shawl” has been finished since May or June, and been worn many an occasion. With much pleasure,… read more

Follow-up Friday – The “Monsoon Stole”

As far as crochet and finishing old wips is concerned, I’m afraid there’s not all that much to show you this gorgeous Fall Follow-up Friday. You may recall, however, I was lucky enough to have been treated to an “all-inclusive” 4-day trip to Cannes/France by… read more

Moya Star Shawl

It feels like I’m cheating a bit in the “ta-dah”-department today…… You see, I finished this project some time ago already, but ….. I couldn’t share it with you until now.On the occasion of the grand opening of Claudia‘s new yarn store today, a brand new… read more

Follow-up Friday

Crochet-wise this week has been all about finishing two big crochet projects – and I’m pleased I’ve been able to accomplish exactly that! One of them is the special project I mentioned last week, the one I can’t show you yet unfortunately, but the other… read more