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The Lovebomb Christmas Ornament

The Lovebomb Christmas Ornament

One of the people I’ve loved meeting in the online world is my sweet & brave friend Jane, aka Queen Babs, from Sydney/Australia.
Sweet, because she is one of the most caring, fun, thoughtful persons I know – brave, because she suffers not from one, but several chronic illnesses, yet always-always finds her way up into positivity, and around problems she faces.
I truly and honestly admire her (and her husband Martin) for that, in fact, I find it enormously inspiring.

Jane and I share a couple of things, but our love for crochet and vibrant – or, as some people would rather call them, ‘hysteric’ 😉 – colors is our most common passion.

As Queen Babs she has installed a lot of gorgeous and happy yarn bombs over the past couple of years (if you want to see and read more about yarn bombing, you can go to an earlier blog post I wrote on that right here).

She has shared many lovely patterns – all accessible via this link – and has just released a new one: “The Lovebomb Christmas Ornament”. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The minute it came out, I virtually ran to The Happenstore, bought my copy of the pattern, and started crocheting.
I made two of each colorway, crocheted them together, and filled them with a little fibre fill.
The colorful version of Jane’s design is an excellent way to use your left-over yarn.
I loved making mine and I love how they turned out …

It’s also great fun seeing other people’s “Love Bomb Christmas Ornaments”, for instance here, or here.After making my multicolored baubles, I made these two more subdued lovebomb ornaments. They will be hung in the big tree in our living room, that I always decorate in just silver, glass, white and grey tones. I think they’ll fit in perfectly!

There is one more thing that I truly love about the “Lovebomb Ornament”: by buying this wonderful pattern we all help Jane raise funds to buy a much-needed new wheelchair – how’s that for the true spirit of Christmas?

Happy making, lovely people – let us all love-bomb this festive season and put some light in Jane’s Christmas!

Marianne xx

PS: I’ve only just found out you can also get the pattern through Ravelry, this is where you’ll find Jane, and this link will take you to the pattern.

2 thoughts on “The Lovebomb Christmas Ornament”

  • lieve marianne, zo lief dat je dit bericht schrijft over Jane! ik vind het een prachtig patroon en ik begreep dat als je het patroon koopt, jane het bedrag gebruikt om een nieuwe rolstoel te kopen. ik ga het patroon kopen en heb nu al zin om deze te maken! ik vind jouw vrolijke kleuren erg mooi maar de wit/grijze vind ik ook fantastisch! fijn weekend xx

    • Dank voor je lieve woorden, Esther (en je prachtige complimenten)! En wat fijn dat jij Jane ook wilt steunen door de aanschaf van dit patroontje – wat mij betreft is dit een echte ‘win-win’: wij blij met het haakpatroon, zij – hopelijk snel – blij met een nieuwe werkende rolstoel! Fijn weekend! Liefs, Marianne xx

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