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Treasury Tuesday 2.0 – Terrific Testers

There was no doubt in my mind that this particular “Treasury Tuesday” would be a big, fat shout-out to the truly wonderful women who were on my team of testers while I was working on the designs for my book.

All four of them are extremely skilled (as you can see from just these 4 snippets of their work as shown below) and really deserve to be put in the spot light!
So without further ado I very proudly present to you my “Terrific Testers”:

                                                         Heleen Scharstuhl


                                                              Inez de Goede

Not only did they do an honestly fantastic job testing and re-testing my patterns, but they turned out to be the best group of cheerleaders I could have wished for as well.
The first photo in this post shows you sneak peeks of the projects they crocheted for “Colorful Crochet” / “Eindeloos Haken” – all six of them look splendid, and are beautifully made.

                                                             Ingrid Danvers


                                                           Lotte van Dinteren
The need to keep all the crochet projects I was working on a secret might have been one of the toughest things in the whole book making journey, so it was extremely nice I was able to show at least my testing tribe what I was making and get their feedback along the way.

We had a couple of “Terrific Testers”-meetings, and felt an immediate click right from the start. Not a whole lot of crochet got accomplished during those gatherings, I have to admit…
This past weekend we were talking online about how kind of odd we all feel now that we’re finally able to share photos of the projects we had to keep away from everyone for so many months. All 5 of us started searching our albums for shots we thought would be fun to share, only to come up with mainly photos of – delicious – food, haha!
We regret not having taken more photos of us and/or the things we were crocheting, but concluded at the same time we simply had too much of a good time and been way too busy chatting, laughing, and yes: eating and drinking ;-), to take pictures.

At the end of June we’re having another “TT-meeting”, and we’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures and spam you with all of these in our social media feeds!

Have a great week!

Marianne xx

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6 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday 2.0 – Terrific Testers”

    • Ah, dankjewel Esther! Met (veel) liefde gedaan: ze hebben me zo geweldig geholpen en aangemoedigd! Marianne xx

  • WoW Marianne, wat een ontzettend groot compliment. Ik bloos er gewoon van. Ik vond het ontzettend fijn om je testhaakser te zijn. Dank dat je me hebt gevraagd. Echt heel tof. Ik weet zeker dat je boek een groot succes gaat worden! Xx

    • Zéér gemeend, Lotte! Ik was (en ben) zo blij met jullie om mij heen en helpend in dit enorme avontuur. En juist het feit dat jullie het allemaal ook met zo veel plezier hebben gedaan, maakte het samenwerken met jullie zo’n feestje! Dus nogmaals: echt heel veel dank! Mar xx

  • Wat mooi om over je Terrific Testers te lezen Marianne! Met recht een topteam! En vanaf nu voorlopig geen patroon- of boekstress meer….alleen maar genieten, lachen en lekker eten en drinken! Kom maar door met die gezellige foto’s in juni! Liefs, Jacq

    • Ah, fijn dat je ‘t leuk vindt, Jacq! Nou, hè? Daar heb ik oprecht mee geboft (en het was – en is – ook zo gezellig met elkaar). Hahaha, dat gaan we zéker doen, dankjewel! Mar xx

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