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Treasury Tuesday 2.0

Finding out Etsy no longer endorses its “treasuries” left me a bit flabbergasted at first, but that did not last very long.
I quickly realized I do not need Etsy’s treasuries in order to curate other people’s work and collect these in pretty collages, so today marks the official beginning of “Treasury Tuesday 2.0”.
Every Tuesday I’ll be putting the spotlight on one or more of my creative peers, and I’m all pumped up to re-start my “Treasury Tuesday”-series and give little shout-outs to people whose work I admire.

You may have noticed me easing into all this with my posts about designers Bernadette Ambergen/Berniole (more here) and Alia Bland/The Little Bee (you’ll find that here).

Today it’s about my dear crafty friend and multi-talent Vanessa Kind/My Creative Garage.
She was among one of the first people I started following when I joined Instagram (you can find her IG here), and isn’t it funny (and truly wonderful) that you can actually feel connected to certain people simply through the internet? Experience friendship, even?
I feel genuinely lucky to have found so many friends in the virtual world, and even more lucky to see these friendships materialize when meeting them in real life.

Vanessa and I have not had the privilege of meeting face-to-face (yet, I should add; one can dream…..) – she lives in Australia and I’m in The Netherlands – but there’s certainly been a click right from that very first Instagram-contact. Apart from sharing a passion for all things crafty, we both have Dutch roots: Vanessa’s parents were born in The Netherlands and emigrated to Australia.
Most importantly, I think she’s a lovely person, fun, caring and thoughtful, always in for new creative adventures (and I so like that).

Since I started following her I’ve seen her crochet beautiful projects, pick up knitting (more beauty), cross stitch, sew the most gorgeous project bags (they’re amazing, really), host fun and informative pod casts, and recently she has begun dyeing her own yarn, and my-oh-my is it fabulous!

Proof of how big a sweetheart she is …… last week I found two skeins of her softest hand dyed merino, plus one of her fantastic project bags in the mail!
I’m seriously in love with all of these most generous gifts – can you see the subtle glitters in the yarn?

Storage is taken care of; now all I need to do is find the  p e r f e c t  crochet project(s) for the two times 423 metres/463 yards of dazzling Fine Merino; any suggestions?

Have a good crafty week,

Marianne xx

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3 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday 2.0”

  • Omg!!
    I am so honoured to be featured on your blog Marianne. It was so lovely looking back at all the projects I’ve made.
    You have been such a great inspiration & friend over the years. The generous Dutch gifts you have sent, bringing back childhood memories. Can’t wait to meet up one day.
    So glad you love the yarn & project bag. I’d love to see a shawl in one of the yarns.
    Thank you so much for the shout out.
    Vanessa xx

    • You’re more than welcome, sweetheart! I think you know me well enough by now to realize I mean everything I’ve said; I admire all the wonderful creative things you do and just love that we’ve met through the www. Oh, yes, we’ll make it happen: meeting irl, won’t we? Love,
      Marianne xx

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