Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday: Ceremic Yarn BowlsOf course I’ve seen fellow crocheters/knitters using yarn bowls, but I do not own one myself …… yet. I do see how practical they can be, although I have to admit that my trusty yarn winder does the practical trick pretty well too.
However, some of them are simply so beautiful, that this could easily be the sole reason to buy such a bowl.

Searching Etsy for handsome yarn bowls, I decided that this maker was going to be one of my two weekly favorites, even before I had finished making the list.
I simply love all her work – and how smart is that handle?
maRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday: Ceremic Yarn BowlsmaRRose - CCC: Treasury Tuesday: Ceremic Yarn BowlsAs is the case every week – I know, it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it 😉 – it was not easy to narrow things down to just two favorites, but the simplicity of my second favorite made me decide for the “wool”-bowl.

Do you use a yarn bowl? And what’s your favorite?

Have a happy week – filled with lots of yarn time!

Marianne xx

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2 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday”

  • I don’t have a yarn bowl – yet! I like the very first one best as I love the way the brightly coloured slip inside contrasts with the neutral outside.

    • Ha! Et tu, Brute : no yarn bowl – yet!
      Yes, that’s a beautiful one too – the blue on the inside is gorgeous. I’ve found either beautiful, or whimsical ones (like the one with the mouth). In this field too: loads of creativity and I love that. Have a great day, Sheila! Marianne xx

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