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Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC - Treasury Tuesday, Mother's Day-03This Sunday it’s Mother’s Day in The Netherlands.
It was not until after I joined Instagram that I realized this holiday is not being observed on the same day everywhere in the world, and that did surprise me quite a bit.

However, even if you’re not celebrating this weekend, you still might find some lovely things in this week’s Treasury Tuesday 😉 – not all crochet related, but even so really pretty.

I especially love these two:

maRRose - CCC - Treasury Tuesday, Mother's Day-01 maRRose - CCC - Treasury Tuesday, Mother's Day-02Wishing you a wonderful week – and if you’re a mother and you’re celebrating: Happy Mother’s Day!

Marianne xx

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2 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday”

  • Lovely selection!
    Nice to know about other customs! Here in Argentina we celebrate Mother’s day the 3rd Sunday of October. :=)

    • Thank you so much – lots of prettiness, right? Ah, see: I always thought everyone celebrated Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday of May – quite the surprise to find out this is not the case at all! Marianne xx

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