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Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Wedding Crochet-03This past Saturday – October 17, 2015 – was our 35th Wedding Anniversary ……
I felt like saying “thir-ty-fi-ve-years!!” out loud all day – it’s a big number, really.
And, every time I did say “thir-ty-fi-ve-years!!” a different memory from those years surfaced from my 55-year old brain……..
maRRose - CCC - Mar&Lex 35 yearsIn the morning we had coffee and cake with our extended family; my parents, 81 and 84 years old celebrating with us being very special.
After that Lex and I left for an overnight stay in a lovely boutique hotel in Noordwijk – “Villa De Duinen” – and truly enjoyed our short, but sweet little trip.
Sunday night we had a festive “rijsttafel”-dinner with our kids at our favorite Indonesian restaurant of 35 years, “Djago”, in Amsterdam.
If it’s up to us, we’d love to spend at least another 35 years together…….

This is a kind of lengthy introduction as to why this week’s “Treasury Tuesday”‘s theme is “wedding crochet” – I sure hope you’ll like my latest collection as much as I do – pun intended ;).

What’s your favorite? Mine are these two:
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Wedding Crochet-01 maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Wedding Crochet-02Love,
Marianne xx

PS: you can find all recent “Treasury Tuesdays” on my “maRRose – CCC Treasury Tuesday”-Pinterest board …….

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Treasury Tuesday

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10 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday”

  • Congratulations and happy anniversary! We’re coming up to our 34th…….those years have just flown by. The silver clutch is my favourite in the collection. ☺

    • Thank you so much, Louise! Oh ….. how exciting – it’s quite the milestone, isn’t it, although it doesn’t really feel like that given the fact that, yes, the years do fly by. That clutch is soooo pretty! Marianne xx

  • Congratulations on your anniversary! 35 years is something to be very proud of! As for favourites… I love the necklace a lot 🙂 Crochet jewelry is something I’ve been looking into a lot lately – haven’t tried it out myself though. On to the endless bucket list of things to create 😉

    • Thank you so very much – yes, it’s definitely a milestone to be very thankful for!
      Isn’t that pretty? Oh, I can so relate to your “endless bucket list of things to create” ….. if only there were more hours in a day …. Marianne xx

  • Whoo hoo! Mine was yesterday …..24 years. You and I are the same age, but I got a bit of a late start as I was a widow before I was 30. I cherish every day to have my Brian and our daughter. Congrats to you both and good health to you as well!


    • Yay! Congrats, Sheila!
      Oh, my goodness – that’s very sad …… I’m so glad you found a new love and can celebrate your 24 years (a big number too) together! I firmly believe in “carpe diem” and celebrate whenever you can; for me your story is proof of that! Love, Marianne xx

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