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Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday - Boho Crochet-03Browsing beautiful crochet on Etsy – as I do every week – I came across a couple of the lovely dresses that are featured in this week’s “Treasury Tuesday”. They’re marked as “vintage” and ” boho”, and I love their looks. Funnily they don’ t look oldfashioned to me at all. And although I know I’ve stated before that I didn’t see myself creating wearable crochet (other than shawls, scarfs&ponchos), let alone wear my own crochet, looking at these gorgeous projects, I’m having serious second thoughts ……

An ig-friend commented on my “Boho Blanket”, that it would make a fab cardigan or coat, and you know what? I think she has a point…….

Seeing more and more crochet in today’s fashion has definitely had its influence on me, I think, whether it’s been subconsciously or not.
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Boho Crochet-01 maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday, Boho Crochet-02Of course I hope you’ll be as inspired as I am by the sixteen hip&happening garments in the latest “Treasury Tuesday”-collage!

Have a great week,
Marianne xx

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Treasury Tuesday

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Treasury Tuesday

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2 thoughts on “Treasury Tuesday”

  • The one 2nd in from the left on the 2nd row down reminds me of the lacy cardigan I’m knitting at the moment, albeit in bright pink! It’s funny how they don’t look dated as some of them hark back to the 70s.

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