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Treasury Tuesday

maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Collars-03Some weeks seem to go even faster than others, and this past week was definitely one of those fast ones!

A week during which I have worked very hard to finish my “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket. And I díd finish it – yay, a very memorable moment, I can tell you that – but I simply haven’t had the time to take decent pictures and write a blog post about it yet.
Feeling this mahoosive blanket deserves a good old “Follow-up Friday”-post all by itself, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait just a few more days…..
However, coming Friday it’ll be “Rustic Lace Square”-blanket showtime here on the blog!maRRose - CCC - Rustic Lace Squares-38Another finished job is my CraftKitchen-project for the month of June. I’ve recycled and pimped an old pair of jeans, turning it into a (beach) bag, and I love how that came out. Can’t wait to show you more than just this sneak peek!maRRose - CCC --- recycled jeans bag-31

On a personal level, we’ve been busy with all kinds of preparations regarding Carter’s upcoming high school exchange year.
He’ll be in Argentina for almost a year, living with an Argentinean family, learning Spanish, and attending school there, following in his sister’s footsteps, who was a foreign exchange student in the USA for 10 months 4 years ago.
We’re extremely happy and thankful his foot injury has healed to the extent that he’s able to pursue his dream of living abroad as a scholar, and learning a new culture, as planned.
Needless to say we will all miss him terribly, but luckily there’s social media like WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Skype.

Also, last Saturday the lovely and extremely talented Saskia Laan launched her new book, and I was lucky enough to be at her party!
Be on the look out for a blog post on this happy event, as well as a book review!
maRRose - CCC --- Book reviews-21OK….. back to our “Treasury Tuesday” ;)! Sticking to the lace-theme of my beloved “Rustic Lace”-blanket, I found some very pretty and lacy crochet this week.
It’s interesting how I’m not sure I would ever wear a crocheted collar myself, but at the same time really love the ones in this “Treasury Tuesday”.
Beautiful crochet work, that would look lovely on any little girl or woman that has a romantic style, I think.

I could not help myself, and simply had to pick the one item that is technically not really a collar, but hey, it goes around the neck, AND has roses, so yes, absolutely one of my favorites!
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Collars-01My second choice was an easy one too: I so admire the crochet here, I think it’s gorgeous!
maRRose - CCC --- Treasury Tuesday - Crochet Collars-02I’m quite curious to know whether you would wear crochet pieces like these, and which one would be your favorite?

Have a happy week everyone!
Marianne xx

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