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Treasury Tuesday

Now that my life is slowly getting back to normal, I thought it would be great fun to restart my weekly “Treasury Tuesdays”. In fact, I have been looking forward to doing this for a long time (my last TT here on the blog dates back to July 5, 2016).
So, picture this: me, all geared up to bring my (and your) beloved “Treasury Tuesday” back to life, only to find out Etsy decided to remove this feature! Gosh, what a let-down……
Apparently they already announced this last year September (totally missed that); as of October 2016 there was no longer the possibility to curate other people’s work through Etsy treasuries.
I feel a bit silly finding this out now, but it goes to show there has not been much else going on at “maRRose Headquarters” other than book related things, haha.
Apart from silly, I also feel a bit sad about not being able to publish my “Treasury Tuesdays” anymore: I truly loved sharing other people’s work, and the way their creativity inspires us all. I’ll have to come up with a different way to do this …….
I thought it would be appropriate to go out with a bang by showing some of my and your favorite “Treasury Tuesday”-collages, from the very first TT (here) to the very last one (here), and all those 91 blogged about in between.
The first photo at the top of this blog post is a screenshot of the 9 most liked treasuries on Instagram.
If you want you can still look them up on the blog (via this link), or go to the TT-overview through the “maRRose – Treasury Tuesday”-board on Pinterest; the latter is not complete, but has the last 67 TT’s.
Be inspired & happy crocheting!
Marianne xx

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