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Triangle Cushion Cover

Triangle Cushion Cover
maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionmaRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

— US terms used —

Start a foundation chain of 21 stitches; first row sc 20 stitches, starting in the second chain from the beginning (the first stitch being your turning stitch).
pin-tutorial-01At the end of your first row, chain 1 (=turning stitch) turn your work and decrease by 1 stitch, which means: sc first 2 stitches together (pull up a loop through first two stitches, 3 loops on hook, yarn over and through 3 loops), finish the remainder of the row by sc-ing the rest of the 18 stitches left.

Chain 1 turning stitch, turn, decrease 1 stitch by sc-ing the first two stitches together, sc the remaining 16 stitches.

*Each row is started by crocheting the first 2 sc’s together – sc-ing the rest of the stitches – and ended with a turning chain – turn your project and start from *.

Continue to do so until there will be just three loops left on your hook (you will have a total number of 20 rows by now); pull yarn through, one loop left. Although by this time you will have finished one side of the triangle, do not fasten off!!

Chain one, and continue to sc along one side of the triangle, crocheting 2 sc’s in the last/same stitch at the very bottom.

You will sc along both sides of the triangle, so each side will have a total of sc 21 stitches. At the bottom of the triangle: fasten off.
maRRose - CCC: triangles tutorial

Attach yarn at the top of the triangle (in the chain one space you’ve just made), chain one, sc in same space and make sure to sc your way down this side of your work, also to a total of 21 stitches. Fasten off, sew in ends: triangle made!

Half Triangles
Round 1 – chain 10 + 1 (=turning stitch), turn your work

Round 2 sc all stitches, starting in 2nd chain from hook (the first one being your turning stitch). Total of 10 sc’s, chain 1 (= turning st), turn your work

Round 3 decrease first two sc’s (yarn over, pull up a loop through 1st sc, yarn over, pull up a loop through 2nd sc, three loops on hook, pull yarn through three loops: decrease made), sc remaining 8 stitches, total sc’s now 9. Chain one (= turning st), turn your work.

maRRose - CCC: Half Triangle tutorial

Round 4 NO decrease made on this side, since this is going to be your straight side! sc all 9 stitches, chain 1 (= turning stitch), turn your work

Round 5 Since you’re on the diagonal side of your work, this is where you’ll want to decrease again, as you did in round 3, continue sc-ing the remaining stitches.
maRRose - CCC: Half Triangle tutorial

Repeating round 3 and 4 is what you do until you have 3 loops on your hook form the last decrease made. Pull yarn through – DO NOT CUT YOUR YARN

Chain one and sc down the straight side of your half triangle, total stitches 21. Cut yarn, darn in end.
Attach yarn in top chain and sc down the diagonal side, total stitches 21, cut yarn, darn in end.
Ta-dah: half triangle made!
maRRose - CCC: Half Triangle tutorial


Putting the cushion cover together
Depending on how big you want your cushion cover to be, you’ll crochet triangles and half triangles. For my last cushion cover (40×40 cm) I needed 20 triangles and 8 half triangles.

The next part can be a bit fiddly, but no matter how you might think things look too crooked, rest assured: blocking will be your friend.
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion Cover - tutorialYou can either sew your parts together, or crochet. I’ve done both and have no preference. With this one, I crocheted. Just make sure you pick up only two loops – the outer ones from the 4 loops you’re working with (2 from each sc). It gives a nice ridge on the front when done.maRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion Cover - tutorialmaRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion Cover - tutorialAfter I crocheted my front together, I single crocheted one round with beige/light brown and after that one more round with dc’s.

maRRose - CCC: Triangle Cushion Cover - tutorialmaRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

I then put front and back together – wrong sides facing – and attached them, single crocheting with dark brown, crocheting a little picot every 6 stitches. The mid part of the last side I left open, and sewed 4 buttons on, so the cover could be easily removed for washing.
maRRose - CCC: Triangle PincushionmaRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

I love my triangle cushion cover and sure hope you’ll love yours! Happy making!
maRRose - CCC: Triangle Pincushion

Marianne xx

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