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Tunisian Cushion

Tunisian Cushion

Don’t we all feel… well what?… overwhelmed, dissatisfied, guilty even at times with all those “wips” (works in progress) and “ufo’s” (unfinished objects) laying around? I know I do!
With all the ideas almost constantly floating around in my brain, plus the wonderful inspiration ‘all over the internet’, I seem to have the constant urge to start something new, thus neglecting the wips or ufo’s that really should be completed first…

My personal ultimate low was a wip-list of 13 projects – my-oh-my… This was in 2015, and at some point in time I decided to ‘come clean’ (more on that here), and started sharing my progress on all of those 13 (!) wips on a weekly basis by introducing “Follow-up Friday”. However odd this may sound: it worked really well, and over time every wip on that list got finished!
Back then I vowed I would never ever let things get out of hand like that, but hey, I’m only human and the creative call from my brain is a hard one to ignore, haha.
Even though the current wip-situation is nowhere near as bad as in 2015, reinstalling “Follow-up Friday” might not be such a bad idea…

Right now I’m working on ‘just’ 6 or so projects:
1. “Lemvig Shawl” number 5 & 6, and more importantly: its pattern (almost ready to go to my terrific testers!);

2. A “Jenny’s Flower Granny Square”-cushion in black (pattern in my shop, right here);

3. The never-ending “Nespresso”-blanket, that from now on will be the “Craig&Karl”-blanket (pattern in the works as well…);

4. A new cushion following a pattern in Rachele’s / Cypress Textiles‘ new book (book review and giveaway here on the blog soon!);

5. New punch needle patterns and designs – just like I’m never nót crocheting, I’m never nót working on a punch needle project 🙂 ;

6. New ideas for new designs (a cushion, two bags, a shawl), all in various stages of construction…

I’m afraid this is a rather lengthy introduction to the news that the project I’m sharing with you today, was finished super quickly!
From picking out pattern&colors to presenting the finished cushion to the birthday girl: exactly 1 week, hurray!

Anneke, the lovely person I made the cushion for, recently redecorated her bedroom. A landscape by Jozef Israëls (“Children at Sea”) being one of her all time favorites, she not only decided to hang a beautiful reproduction of “Children at Sea” by her bed, but also let its colors be the inspiration for the rest of the room’s decor.
Very successfully, I might say: the room turned out so pretty.
Since I wanted to give her something ‘from my heart’, I gifted her a “maRRose Gift Certificate” for her birthday: a crochet project in her style&colors, to be made by me.
She knew right away what she wanted me to make: a cushion just like the one I crocheted for Quinn (the grey-purple one below), or the one right next to that, but in the colors of her beloved painting and the decor of the new bedroom.

So we carefully picked out 5 cottons (4 Durable Corals, , and 1 Catania), decided how much of which color would go where, and I set off to work.

I’m fond of tunisian crochet, and have crocheted this pattern by Bregina Tuinstra twice before already. Again, it was really fun to watch the colors change, and I could not wait to see the full crochet picture, which is why this project was all I worked on for 4 or 5 nights in a row –> loving the rhythm of the crocheting technique, loving seeing the ‘painting’ evolve.

She graciously allowed me to take some snapshots of the new cushion ‘in situ’, and we both decided it fits right in. We even agreed that an identical second one would be even prettier, so I reckon the period with 1 project less on the wip-list was an ultra-short one 😉 !

Marianne xx

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  • goeiemorgen je patronen zijn wondermooiiiiii ik zou graag beginnen aan een sjaal maar heb je het niet in nederlands geschreven ik ben een beginnende haakster en kijk veel op tutorials you tube gr

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