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Felt Fall/Halloween Bunting

Felt Fall/Halloween Bunting

The Dutch version of this pattern can be found here.

This felt bunting has a Fall/Halloween theme, but this is easily changed to x-mas, easter, birthdays…… well, anything you’d like.

Things you’ll need:
All kinds of felt (I used lighter and darker shades of orange, brown, green and yellow for the little flags; plus white, black and red for some of the decorations);
2 kinds of double-folded ribbon;
Pinking shears/scissors, fabric glue;
Regular pair of scissors and/or a rotary cutter&mat;
Sewing machine, thread;

I first made a paper template for my flags. One flag is 20 cm wide on top; in the exact middle (at 10 cm) I measured another 20 cm down, thus creating the point at the bottom of my flag. I then connected that point to the left and right of my 20 cm wide top: flag template all done (this way, you can easily adjust the size of your flag).
Cut it out, pin it to the felt, and cut as many flags as you want.
I cut a total of 16 flags, 2 of each color I had. The leftover pieces were great to use for my decorations.

Along the left and right sides of a couple of my flags I glued some of the lacy ribbon; all others got a cute little zigzag with the pinking shears.
I then sewed my flags right in between the 2 parts of the double-folded gingham ribbon.

After that, I looked for cute fall and Halloween motifs; I found a lot of them via Pinterest – most of the ones I used can be found via this little link. Where necessary I adjusted their sizes, printed, and cut them out. Drawing your own is a great idea too – like I did with my toadstool.
Pin your paper motifs to the felt, cut them out. Arrange them nicely on your flags, glue them on: cute felt garland all done!