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Orchidea Cross Stitch Bag

Orchidea Cross Stitch Bag

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What you’ll need:
1 cross stitch kit for a 40 cm x 40 cm cushion; I used “Orchidea”, ref: 089.9341, but you can use any kind of cross stitch kit;
Fabric for the back and sides of the bag (main color/black linen);
Fabric for the bag’s lining (I used a white-and-black dotty linen);
Handles (e.g. Prym, ref: 022.615160)
Scissors, sewing machine, needle&thread;
I used a Rotary Cutter and mat, but this is not necessary

Front of the bag – the cross stitch part:
Unpack the cross stitch kit; I gathered all threads up and bundled them per color.
Start cross stitching following the print on the canvas.
It’s important that all your stitches face the same direction. As you probably know, or can see in the photos, a cross stitch has two parts. You can work your stitches finished-stitch-by-finished-stitch, or you can stitch a number of half stitches in one line first, and then complete these going back. Your cross stitches may face either direction but the one essential rule is that all the top stitches should face the same direction to produce the neatest result.

Finishing the bag – the sewing part:
For the lining (dotty fabric), you’ll cut:
2 times: 43 cm x 45 cm (front and back);
3 times: 43 cm x 9,5 cm (2 sides, 1 bottom part);

If you want to add pockets, you’ll cut also:
2 times: 20 cm x 20 cm of the dotty fabric (pocket);
2 times: small piece of black, about 20 cm x 3 cm (trim).

For the bag itself (main color/black):
1 time: 43 cm x 45 cm (back);
3 times: 43 cm x 9,5 cm (2 sides, 1 bottom part).

Zigzag around all cut out fabric parts, to prevent fraying.

First we’ll assemble the bag, by sewing the 43 cm x 9,5 cm-sides (main color/black) to the cross stitch part (right sides facing). I put the cross stitch on top, so I could see where my seam went, and made sure I sewed just a bit OVER my cross stitches. I was a little anxious about this part, but it went surprisingly fast and well.
As soon as both sides were attached to the cross stitch part, I sewed the back to each of them (again, right sides facing). After that I pinned the bottom part to the “tube” and sewed its 4 seams. Turn your bag inside out: first part (almost) ready.

If you want to add the pockets, this is the moment to do that. First sew the little black part to the dotty fabric (right sides facing). Fold a small seam in the black trim, fold it to the back of the dotty fabric, and sew this seam.
Pin a 1 to 1,5 cm seam all around the 3 remaining seams of the pocket, and sew the pocket (2 sides + bottom) to the front (and/or back) part of the lining, about 10 cm from the top. Note: the wrong side of the pocket is facing the right side of the lining.
Repeat for pocket number 2.

Now you’re all ready to assemble the lining. I used a slightly bigger/wider seam, so the lining would fit even better in my bag. First, (right sides facing) you’ll sew the sides to the front, next the back to the sides (tube made), and lastly you’ll add the bottom.
Before putting the bag and lining together, it’s wise to hand stitch your handles to the front and back of your bag.
Do not turn your lining inside out, but slide it into the bag; fold a seam in both bag and lining around the opening of your bag, pin them together. All that’s left to do is, hand stitch them together, and your bag is ready to be used: enjoy!Marianne xx
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