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Triangle Pincushion


(tutorial in Dutch/Nederlandse werkbeschrijving: click here/hier)

Things you will need:

  • any kind of yarn (great scrap project/stash buster) + crochet hook (size as suggested on yarn-label). I used “Katia Capri”, a 100% mercerized cotton, hooksize 3,5 (US: E/4, UK/Canada: 9)
  • a handful of fiberfill
  • darning needle
  • needle and thread, to sew your appliqué(s) onto the pincushion, pair of scissors

Start a foundation chain of 21 stitches; first row dc (US: sc) 20 stitches, starting in the second chain from the beginning (the first stitch being your turning stitch).


At the end of your first row, chain 1 (=turning stitch) turn your work and decrease
by 1 stitch, which means: dc first 2 stitches together (pull up a loop through first two stitches, 3 loops on hook, yarn over and through 3 loops), finish the remainder of the row by dc-ing the rest of the 18 stitches left.

Chain 1 turning stitch, turn, decrease 1 stitch by dc-ing the first two stitches together, dc the remaining 16 stitches.

*Each row is started by crocheting the first 2 dc together – dc-ing the rest of the stitches – and ended with a turning chain, after that you’ll turn your project and start from *.

Continue to do so until there will be just three loops left on your hook (you will have a total number of 20 rows by now); pull yarn through, one loop left. Although by this time you will have finished one side of the triangle pincushion, do not fasten off!!


Chain one, and continue to dc along one side of the triangle, crocheting 2 dc in the last/same stitch at the very bottom.


You will dc along both edges of the triangle, so each side will have a total of dc 22 stitches. At the bottom of the triangle: fasten off.

Join yarn at the top of the triangle (in the chain one space you’ve just made), chain one, dc in same space and make sure to dc your way down this side of your work, also to a total of 22 stitches. Fasten off, sew in ends.


Make one more triangle, either in the same color, or in a different color, whatever you think is prettiest.

If you want, this is the time to embellish the top-triangle with flowers or actually with whatever strikes your fancy! I’ve done quite a few of mine with tiny flowers and/or small leaves. A great tutorial for both small flowers and leaves can be found here, on the beautiful blog of Attic24’s talented Lucy. I have sewn my appliqués on my top triangle with small stitches using thread in a matching color. This way it will seem like your appliqué is almost glued to the pincushion, but at the same time, it will be securely attached.

Once you’re done decorating, you can start crocheting top and bottom triangles together, in either the same color yarn or a contrasting color.


Line two triangles together, pick up a loop through the two dc (one dc from each triangle), start dc-ing in every following dc-stitch, picking up both loops of both sides; at the corners you’ll crochet 2dc in one corner stitch.


When there are only some 10 stitches left to dc together, fill your almost finished pincushion with fiberfill and crochet (dc) the last stitches.

Fasten off, darn in ends and: ta-dah!


Now let your imagination go wild, make a halloween pincushion, or a christmas one; anything goes ……. Have fun!

halloween pincushion-01

xmas pincushion-02

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