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We Are Knitters – “Rosella Clutch” & maRRose “Rosella Flower”

We Are Knitters – “Rosella Clutch” & maRRose “Rosella Flower”

Having worked with “We Are Knitters” before (more info can be found in this blog post), I was very pleased when – right before summer – they asked me to cooperate with them again. Given the ‘summer-break crochet plans’ I had already made, I knew this time around I would not have the time to start (and finish…) one of their many gorgeous, but a bit more time-consuming projects, like last year’s “Porch Crawler Sweater”.
So, I searched for a quick(er) project, and immediately fell in love with the “Rosella Clutch”.

Soon enough the beautiful and ultra-complete kit arrived. And I can assure you: every once in a while, it’s such a treat to have everything you need from beginning to end already gathered for you!

As I assumed, it was a fast, easy (super for beginners!), and very enjoyable crochet project.

While finishing the last couple of rows, I suddenly remembered a small piece of fabric I once bought at my local quilt-store, just because I adored the colors.
Sure enough, it turned out to be a perfect match with the pink tape I crocheted my “Rosella Clutch” with, and I used it to line the purse.
The “We Are Knitters”-tip to personalize the project (with pins, brooches, and/or clips) was an excellent one, and I decided to crochet some flowers and leaves.

Given my rather extensive Cotton-DK-stash 😉 I had no problem finding the colors as used in the fabric. The flowers were made in a jiffy; I think hand stitching them to the clutch took more time than crocheting them. All extra time invested was well spent though, because I so love how my “Rosella Clutch” turned out!

When I showed a sneak peek on Instagram earlier this week, some of you asked for the pattern of the flower, and I decided to quickly write it down and share it with you here: a flowery little gift from me to you 🙂 …

maRRose Rosella Flower

(same pattern in Dutch → click here)

(US terms)
special stitches:
puff stitch: (photo tutorial here, YouTube tutorial here) – (1 loop on your hook) in same stitch or space as indicated in the pattern [yarn over hook, insert hook, pull up a loop (to height of – in this case – a double crochet)] 4 times (you’ll have 9 loops on your hook); yarn over and draw through all 9 loops on your hook, chain 1 to lock the puff stitch: puff stitch made.
tip: when working IN a puff stitch on the following round/row, you insert your hook under the locking chain stitch.

treble stitch: (1 loop on your hook) yarn over hook twice; insert your hook into the stitch or space as indicated; yarn over, pull up a loop (4 loops on hook). Yarn over, pull through 1st 2 loops (3 loops left on hook); yarn over, pull through next 1st 2 loops (2 loops on hook now); yarn over and pull through last 2 loops.

round 1: in a magic ring (or, chain 4, close with a slip stitch to form a ring):  * (make the loop on your hook a bit bigger, and crochet) 1 puff stitch, close the puff stitch with a chain, and chain 2 more stitches, 1 slip stitch **; repeat from * to ** 5 more times (6 petals: 6 puff stitches, 6 x 3 chain stitches, 6 slip stitches), fasten off – do not close magic ring too tight; some of the stitches made in round 2 are crocheted in the magic ring as well;

round 2: with a new color, attach yarn in the top of any puff stitch (under the 1st chain, that you closed the puff stitch with) with a slip stitch; * chain 2, 1 treble (right between 2 petals, crocheted in the magic ring), chain 2, slip stitch in top of next puff stitch **; repeat from * to ** 5 more times (12 chain-2 spaces, 6 slip stitches, 6 trebles); fasten off – pull magic ring tight, and sew in your ends.

I really like it when we – crocheters, knitters, crafters – can show the world that crochet, or any other craft, is not old-fashioned, but trendy and hip. Inspiring other people accordingly is great fun, and you’ve just gotta love companies like “We Are Knitters”, that are key in this ‘modernizing’ process.

Also… I can’t wait to take my pretty, pink “Rosella Clutch” on its first outing!

Happy crafting,

Marianne xx

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2 thoughts on “We Are Knitters – “Rosella Clutch” & maRRose “Rosella Flower””

  • How very pretty this is and I love the added flowers. I made this bag last year for ‘my girl’, her colours were very different and it always still surprises me how different the same thing can look just by changing the colour.
    Happy weekend darling!
    Much love, Heike xx

  • Lieve Marianne, wat heb ik weer genoten van je blog en wat een geweldig patroon heb je weer voor ons uitgeschreven! ? Ik ga mezelf ook een keer zo’n compleet pakket van WAK cadeau doen, breipakket, ik denk wel dat ik het kan ?(Pippi Langkous).

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