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maRRose - CCC: crochet project cardsAt the beginning of this year I promised myself to finish the – many – WIPs that  were lying around the house. I don’t know about you, but it seems like I’m constantly inspired (by you lovely, talented lot) to start something new – *sigh* -.
It’s not that I do not like to be inspired, or have a ton of ideas running around in my head. Stárting a new project is not the pitfall either ……
Yes, of course, you guessed right, it’s finishing all those projects that sometimes seems to be a real problem.

I knew I was in serious trouble, when I picked up my hexagon blanket again and could not remember the exact pattern I had followed, nor the right hook size – arghhhh! Of course I was able to figure it out, but it was all a bit annoying.

maRRose - CCC: hexagon blanket

So: internet to the rescue!! I remembered seeing some cute and handy project cards on the web before and not being able to find them at that very moment, I quickly made some myself.
maRRose - CCC: crochet project cardsShould you want to use these too, please be my guest; you can download the “maRRose – CCC Crochet Project Cards”-pdf here. Punch a hole in a corner, use some yarn or ribbon to attach them to your WIP and you’re done!
maRRose - CCC: crochet project cardsmaRRose - CCC: crochet project cards

And as for the many WIPs ….. well, I’m getting there. I have one very good reason to hurry: I SO want to start crocheting this gorgeous blanket ……
Will keep you posted!


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