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Wolplein WWF Joly bag & turtle Joly

Wolplein WWF Joly bag & turtle Joly

When Wolplein contacted me to see whether I would be interested to join their quest to raise awareness to de-plastify the world, I didn’t need any time to think about that. Of course I would!

(photo courtesy of Wolplein)

This day and age I think we are all aware of the not-too-good state our dear mother Earth is in, and so am I.
Being a firm believer that even the tiniest bits of effort can help to make a change (remember my husband’s quote, that the use of a teaspoon will eventually even empty out an elephant!), this is exactly what we try in our household. Also, my father was a forester for over 40 years, so I have a strong connection with the outdoors and nature.
In short: I have lots of good reasons wanting to be part of this! And when crochet’s involved as well: happy dance!

fun Wolplein-video on the Joly bag!

By the way: if you prefer reading this in Dutch –> this is where you’ll find everything explained!

As I said, Wolplein’s goal is to make us aware of the huge amount of plastics we’re using and the hurt it does to lots of species, for instance the sea turtles, and to actually reduce our plastic consumption at the same time.
For this specific campaign Wolplein’s fantastic designers have created the following patterns/kits:

1. the Joly bag, that comes in a wonderful array of Yarn & Colors-cotton, and that you can either knit or crochet, plus
2. über-cute crochet turtle Joly

I love both designs, and – no surprise here – I’ve made both, and loved doing so. The bag is both fashionable and super handy – I’ve taken it on its first outing to the market last week: pretty & practical, what’s not to like?

The darling Joly turtle is delightful: she sits on my desk next to my computer, and is the perfect gift for a sweet little baby.

Now the extra bonus of all this is really-really fabulous (insert drumroll):
Wolplein is donating a whopping € 2,50 per crochet/knit kit to the World Wildlife Fund. The campaign runs until December 31st, 2019, after which Wolplein will donate ALL our € 2,50’s to the WWF; this money will go specifically towards the following three projects:

  • installation of a system (a so called plastic catcher) in two rivers near Denpasar and Labuan Bajo in Indonesia,that are currently highly polluted; the system will catch all plastics before it reaches the ocean;
  • introducing waste processing and recycling systems in parts of Indonesa, such as Komodo National Park;
  • organising nature clean-ups, to clear up areas where manta rays and sea turtles live.

Isn’t it truly wonderful that – simply by doing what we crafters love to do most – we can contribute to make the world a bit better? Win-win, right?

To recap, there is the Joly crochet bag kit, the Joly knit bag kit and Joly the crochet turtle kit. For each item purchased Wolplein will donate € 2,50 to the WWF. We can make this a huge success, can’t we? Yes we can!

Marianne xx

PS: keep your eyes peeled for one more (new!) Joly project – to be revealed at KreaDoe

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