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Works in Progress – introducing “Follow-up Friday”

maRRose - CCC --- Follow-up Friday collage-01A big decision has been made here at “maRRose – CCC-headquarters” 😉 …….
The inspiration for it comes from one of my favorite crocheters/bloggers, the crochetastic and very lovely Janneke (her blog: JipbyJan).
Janneke is about to embark on a tremendous adventure – she’s following her heart and is going to write a book!
In order to clear her mind, so that she can fully concentrate on writing this book, she made a point of finishing all her crochet wip’s beforehand.
Smartly, she shared this on social media, to make us all her partners in crime and this worked really well – her list is pretty much done!

And I plan on doing the exact same thing, finish all my wip’s that is (and share the progress – or should I say process – on social media, scary)!
Not helping is the fact that I’ve been asked to crochet three shawls since I made the decision to do this ……. but let’s just count these in and add them to the wip-list.

Every Friday I’ll give you an update here on the blog – that should keep me out of trouble and focused, right? – keep an eye out for “Follow-up Friday”!
So …. to get to the bottom of this – these are my wip’s:

1. Crochet Mood Blanket 2014
Started on January 1, 2014, diary kept until October 2, 2014, squares crocheted until June 12, 2014 – lastly joined in February, 2014. I’ve counted: there’s 104 rectangular squares that still need to be joined….. maRRose - CCC --- Crochet Mood Blanket-01 maRRose - CCC --- Crochet Mood Blanket-022. Bétaille Blanket
Started during last year’s Yoga Retreat in Les Tourettes, worked on during the 2014 Summer – these tiny squares (pattern: “Springtime Throw” by Nicki Trench) have been sitting in this box for months ….. maRRose - CCC --- Bétaille Blanket-013. Blue Socks
Instagram tells me I worked on them for the last time 15 weeks ago – since they’re my third pair ever, I’m anxious to see if I still know how to knit them ……. maRRose - CCC --- Blue Socks-014. Harlequin Blanket
I started crocheting these colorful diamonds when I began my “Tulip Blanket” – the latter has been finished for quite some time now – the colorful diamonds must feel a bit neglected. Since there’s only 16 of them, I doubt they can be considered a serious wip….. maRRose - CCC --- Diamonds-015. Rustic Lace Blanket
This is actually the second wip, that’s not really part of this list and I’m not kidding.
Right at the start of this project, I decided that this would my on-the-side-long-term-blanket – just saying, haha….. I’ve recently done the math and at this stage I’ve made 24 squares and “only” need another 86 for this blanket to be big enough to live on our kingsize bed.
A tutorial on how to join these squares as you go can be found here, btw. maRRose - CCC --- Rusticlace Blanket-016. The Simply Crochet Granny Squares
Started at the end of May, 2014 when the Simply Crochet Granny Square App was issued, I diligently made one square a week. “Bessie” and “Myrtle” were the last ones I made. Four more squares were issued under the app and apparently that was it as far as Simply Crochet Magazine was concerned. No updates in the app since November, 2014 – too bad.
Anyway, I have 29 squares so far and have to decide what to do with them. Any ideas? Cushion cover? Baby blanket? maRRose - CCC --- Simply Crochet Grannies-017. Triangle Cushion Cover
I love making these cushion covers (as you can see here) and right after I had finished my third (fourth?) one, I had an idea to simplify joining the triangles and loved these colors so much, that I started a next one. Now this one is a long way off the finish line ….. maRRose - CCC --- Triangle Cushion-018. Summer shawl
This summer shawl has been finished for quite some time now and I’ve actually worn it a few times already (and love it). I just need to write down the pattern of the square I came up with, take some pretty pictures and blog about it …… maRRose - CCC --- Summer Scarf-01 9. Potholders for my mom
One of the presents I got my mother for her birthday was a gift certificate, saying I would crochet her some potholders and she were to pick out the design and colors. Now her birthday was April 19th, so it’s about time I get these done! maRRose - CCC --- Potholders-0110. The No-Name-Yet Shawl
When I last visited “Wolplein”, I picked out this lovely “Lanagrossa – 365 Cotone”. I’m crocheting a shawl in a pretty basic stitch and have some exciting plans to spruce it up, once the body of the shawl is done. maRRose - CCC --- Black Shawl-0111. Bridal Shawl no. 1
One of my very dear friends is getting married in August and she has asked me to crochet her not one, but two shawls to go with the two dresses she’ll be wearing during this special and festive day. I feel very honored and happy to have been given this unique assignment, and I’ll make sure to stich a whole lot of love into these shawls!
One of the dresses is an off-white / beige, the fabric looking like it’s a very fine knit – a thin golden thread woven into it.

We quickly agreed that this King Kole Shiny DK Earthy was the perfect yarn for this dress and my friend loved the “Summer Shawl”-pattern from the “Puur Haken”-book by Maaike van Koert. She asked me to adjust the triangle shape of the design and liked the “Two Tone”-shawl’s shape, a wonderful design by Saskia Laan / “Haken bij Saar en Mien”. maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 1-01I’m one skein into this one and (after trying 3 different hook sizes) am finally happy with the way it looks – waiting for more yarn to arrive!

12. Bridal Shawl no. 2
The second shawl will be the one to go with the beautiful bright red dress my friend will be wearing during the big party in the evening. It has a few vaguely shaped flowers on the front in two more bordeaux-red colors.
Last week we went to “Echtstudio” to pick out exactly these colors and to have them make a “Colortwist” for us. Visiting “Echtstudio” is always a real treat, this time no exception! maRRose - CCC --- Echtstudio-01
                                                                                                 maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 2-01        maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 2-02        maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 2-05

maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 2-03

Thanks to Kim and Christa for helping us in the excellent way they did (Kim even gave my friend a quick “learn-to-crochet” workshop!).
The pattern that Natja picked out is this one – a free Redheart-pattern, link here – and I’m happy with the test swatch I made (cotton, unblocked). I can’t wait to start this one! maRRose - CCC --- Bridal Shawl no 2-0413. Special Shawl no. 3
I’ve been asked by another dear friend and crochet-buddy to crochet a shawl in a pattern that she recently designed for a particular kind of yarn. Both pattern and yarn are to die for! Will definitely share as soon as I can!

I’m trying very hard to not feel totally overwhelmed and disheartened at the end of this post – it’s a long list, isn’t it?
Well, I’m just going to work my way through it, one step (or should I say stitch) at a time, hoping for some cheering on from you lovely people …..

Marianne xx

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18 thoughts on “Works in Progress – introducing “Follow-up Friday””

  • Well done for taking the time to list all the wips – a very brave thing to do – they all look fabulous and I’m pretty sure from what I’ve seen of your previous projects that every one of them will be brilliant when complete. Look forward to seeing the photos as you make progress. Good luck!

  • Wow Marianne, thank you for your lovely words! I’m blushing! I’m very happy I shared my WIP’s and plans, it gives me extra motivation to finish them all. I hope this will be the case for you (and the entire headquarter ;-)) too.

    Beautiful WIP’s by the way. I’m especially loving the rustic lace squares. And I am so curious how the bridal shawls will turn out.

    Hope you enjoy finishing up (and sharing) your WIP’s just as much as I do!

    • You’re so welcome, Janneke – I honestly feel that way about you and your work!
      Sharing the endless list of wip’s still feels a bit overwhelming, but I’m glad I did – it will keep me on track finishing them (soon, I hope).
      Thanks for your compliments – really appreciated! Marianne xx

  • There’s something about sharing a WIP on social media that helps with the motivation to get it finished! I’m keen to see all of your WIPs completed! I must say, you have quite a few on the go, which made me feel like I should start more!! How wonderful to have so many projects to work on. I’m looking forward to checking in every Friday. Xx

    • There really is, Mandy – I’m sure having done this will keep me on track to finish each one of them (hopefully soon). Haha – oh, yes, you could definitely start a couple of new projects (and share them with us – I do LOVE your work)! Marianne xx

  • Wow, that’s a long list indeed! What amazingly beautiful creations each and every one is going to be though. Now they’re out in the open you’ll HAVE to finish them because we’ll all be dying to see the end results:)

    • It really is, isn’t it – I knew I had a couple of unfinished projects laying around somewhere, but listing them here and coming to the whopping amount of 13 wip’s: oh my gosh.
      You’re so right, Sheila: that’s exactly why I decided to go ahead and do it – I already feel it’s keeping me on track to finish these, before starting something new (and I’ve had the urge to do that a couple of times during the last few days ….)
      Thank you for your lovely compliments on my work – I so appreciate them! Marianne xx

  • I’m dying to try your Mood Blanket (Granny Rectangle Blanket) We make blankets for Miller’s Children’s Hospital. I think I will do one in super bright colors with the black trim. Thanks for the photo and your JAYGO instructions. I’ve never done that before, so I am going to try it on this. (She says, crossing her fingers for good luck.)

    • That sounds fantastic, Diane – I love your idea of a Granny Rectangle Blanket in super brights, and your doing this for such a great cause is even more fantastic! Good luck! Marianne xx

  • Reading about your wins has made me feel so much better about mine ? I have decided to get mine down to 3 wins – one knitting, one simple no-thinking crochet and one ‘requires concentration’ and then I can switch around depending on how I am feeling

    • That sounds like a great plan! I’m so happy I’ve narrowed my ridiculous amount of wips down to – I think – 3 or 4 now…… Love the progress I’ve made so far – good luck with your wips, Christine! Marianne xx

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